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AC Cobra
(Southern Roadcraft)

Carroll Shelby: the World thanks you! The stuff of legend, this is: a dream car that created history!

4 hour taster hire only: POA

The stuff of legend, this is: a dream car that created history and deserves it’s place in the top 50 iconic cars ever made.

Finished in stunning metallic Imperial blue with contrasting twin Wimbledon white stripes, she looks both beautiful and aggressive from all angles. If she was a movie character - think Lara Croft! The cabin is finished in the correct period light tan leather, low bucket seats with wide transmission tunnel and a bluff matching padded dashboard that simply delights and inspires. The racing heritage is exemplified by the Willan’s four point harnesses and the four into one side pipes with chromed heat shields. The car is so accurate you’ll need to be nerdier than us to spot the difference either cosmetically, mechanically or by driving it.
We’d love to offer a concourse original but our insurers would never stand for it ( Boo, we hear you shout!) and we doubt you’d feel truly relaxed being responsible for something worth in excess of £1M. Our Roadcraft will give you exactly the same experience, the same fun and the same memories without worrying about a £1M vehicle.
Year 2





5.7 350 Chevrolet V8



Imperial Blue

auto manual

Auto / Manual









Interior colour

Cream Leather


Hardtop / Convertible


AC Cobra: Features

These cars are as much fun as you can get on terra firma from a brute of a V8. We’re transparent people and the Cobra isn’t for everyone; it commands respect and concentration and the cabin whilst a beautiful place to be, is let’s say, cosy and cossetting. Driving wise it’s set up exactly as it should be with Tremec five speed gear box and racing clutch so you’ll need a half decent left calf muscle. It’s when you turn the key, hit the start button and she cranks over to fire the beast of a V8 into life that your ears react to the rumble, your smile muscles engage fully and you just say to yourself, ever so quietly……….YES !
  • Classic seats and belts
  • 2 seater roadster with wet weather tonneau
  • 5 speed manualT5 gearbox
  • Period dashboard and instrumentation
  • 5.7 350 Chevrolet V8
  • Unlimited headroom
  • Deep boot suitable for weekend luggage

4 hour taster – POA

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