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Calling all classic car enthusiasts! Yorkshire, UK with its rich automotive heritage, hosts an array of thrilling classic car events and shows throughout the year. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your journey into the world of vintage automobiles, there’s something for everyone in this picturesque region.

Below, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide to Yorkshire’s standout classic car events, complete with essential details to make your planning a breeze.


Classic Car Rentals for a Yorkshire Christmas

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1. York Classic Car Show

Hosted annually at the historic York Racecourse, the York Classic Car Show showcases a stunning array of classic cars from various eras. In a recent survey, 90% of attendees rated the show as ‘excellent,’ citing its diverse car collection and engaging activities for all ages.

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Prepare yourself for a day filled with the revving of engines, the gleam of polished chrome, and the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts. From vintage Rolls-Royces to sleek Jaguars, the York Classic Car Show promises a diverse display that captures the essence of automotive history.

2. Leeds Vintage Car Parade

The streets of Leeds come alive with vintage charm during this parade, featuring classic cars meticulously restored to their former glory. According to statistical data, the parade attracts over 10,000 visitors each year, making it one of the most anticipated events in the region.

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Immerse yourself in a dazzling display of classic elegance as vintage cars wind their way through the heart of Leeds. The Vintage Car Parade not only celebrates automotive craftsmanship but also offers spectators a glimpse into the glamour of a Bygone era.



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Embark on a journey through Yorkshire’s classic car culture by attending these fantastic events. The nostalgia, the gleaming chrome, and the passionate community await you. Ensure you mark your calendar for these must-visit gatherings and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of vintage automobiles.

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