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Bygone Classics Environmental Policy Statement

Bygone Classics Limited recognises its environmental impacts, both positive and negative, but is committed to continual improvements and leadership on environmental performance in the sector.

In recognition of this commitment and the principles of sustainable development, Bygone Classics Limited has set the following objectives:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation to the business and exceed this wherever possible
  • Continually review our business environmental impact and identify further areas for improvement
  • Promote environmental awareness across all its employees and contractors
  • Regularly maintain vehicles, to maximise efficiency and reduce emissions
  • To reduce, re-use and recycle as far as reasonably practicable.
  • Minimise emissions from our operations by sourcing renewable energy where possible
  • Purchase more-sustainable resources as far as reasonably practicable

In addition to the above objectives, Bygone Classics has the following environmental ambitions:

  • Measure the business carbon footprint and develop a plan to reduce business emissions
  • Offer credible and verified carbon offsetting options for our classic car hires
  • Investigate alternative more-sustainable fuels for hire vehicles, including biofuels and synthetic fuels

Bygone Classics Limited will carry out periodic reviews of this policy and make necessary improvements to the companies polices and procedures following these reviews.

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