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Article by AET Turbo, View the original article here.

As you’ve probably gathered, we’re massive petrol heads at AET. We take real pleasure in driving, and there’s nothing we like more than the freedom and exhilaration of taking a great car for a drive on a really great road.

We’re based in Normanton, West Yorkshire – and whilst it’s easy to get fed up with the rush hour traffic, our county is packed with some amazing driving roads.

Here are 5 of our absolute favourites, perfect for unfettered driving pleasure in God’s own county.

1. Buttertubs Pass

1024px Butter Tubs Pass 1

Butter Tubs Pass

If you only drive one road on this list, make it the Buttertubs pass – despite only being short, it might be our favourite road in the UK, if not Europe!

The closest thing you’ll find in the UK to an Alpine pass, this amazing 5½-mile stretch from Thwaite and Hawes in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales is simply stunning, and guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping. Tight and twisty, with steep climbs, it cuts through some absolutely spectacular scenery – you don’t have to be driving fast to have bags of fun driving this fantastic road.

Drivers need to be wary of the sheer drop on one side, and watch your speed – some of the winding sections are really challenging.

2. Skipton Old Road

Skipton Old Road

Skipton Old Road

The old road from Colne Golf Club to Skipton is a hidden gem for drivers who yearn for quiet country roads that are made for driving.

This 10 mile run features long straights, punctuated by long sweeping corners and some more challenging bends, with a few big dips and exciting downhill sections along the way. The whole route features beautiful views across open farmland, moorland and countryside, and there are a couple of good pubs to stop at to admire the view.

As a word of warning, when the road turns into West Road, just make sure you watch out for the cattle grids!

3. Whitby Road – Pickering to Whitby

Pickering to Whitby

Pickering to Whitby

On a quiet day, you couldn’t ask for a better driving road than the spectacular moorland scenery and undulating, twisty country route of this 20 mile journey from Pickering to Whitby. Long straights, big dips and hairpin bends make it a real driving classic.

However, it’s really important to get your timings right – on a good summer day, or a busy weekend, this fantastic drive through the North York Moors can be transformed into a 20-mile long queue!

If you feel like you fancy a longer driving route, start in Beverley, and take the B1248 all the way to Malton. At off-peak times, this countryside route can be as good as any drive in the country.

4. Holmfirth to the Woodhead Reservoir

Woodhead Reservoir

Woodhead Reservoir

The main roads of West Yorkshire are becoming increasingly busy, but there are still plenty of great country routes for those who know where to look. This amazing run over Holme Moss is a great road with plenty of challenging hairpin bends and steep, twisty downhill – perfect for those with a sporty motor.

Just watch out – this route is really popular with cyclists, and the free-roaming sheep are prone to wandering out over the road.

5. Downholme to Nateby – Swaledale

Nateby – Swaledale

Nateby – Swaledale

This quiet North Yorkshire route across the Dales is one for any driver tired of busy city traffic and the boring commute. The stunning countryside is a big bonus, but the real star is the variety of driving on offer – you’ll find steep climbs, dips, challenging bends and exhilarating straights.

The roads surrounding this Swaledale route are equally stunning – check out the B6255 between Ingleton and Hawes for some similarly great drives.

Article by AET Turbo, View the original article here.

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