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Alfa Romeo Montreal

Penned by Marcello Gandini the Alfa Montreal remains a stunning design even 55 years after its first public display. What the public must have made of it in 1967 must have been mind blowing.

Alfa Romeo Montreal: or as Jay Leno would say. “A sensible supercar!”

Compare the exterior and interior design of the Montreal to what most of what our parents were driving then, and it is jaw dropping. Gandini’s designs are the stuff of legend; he designed what remains to many, the most beautiful car ever made; the Lamborghini Miura. Our Montreal is a 1972 model finished in stunning Sunburst orange complimented with a black interior. She is simply beautiful and a complete head turner. Being a period Grand Tourer, she has more than adequate power on delivery from the silky V8 however the essence of the Montreal is in the cruise. It’s in the cruise that you can absorb just what a wonderful machine they are; cosseted in a wonderful cabin with expansive views to the front and side. Montreals were designed to sit low to the ground, something not overly evident when looking at pictures but more than apparent when you’re standing next to one.
Year 2





2593cc V8



Sunburst Orange

auto manual

Auto / Manual







2 + 2


Interior colour



Hardtop / Convertible


Alfa Romeo Montreal: Features

There are not many cars that spring to mind that have the looks, lines and the rarity of the Montreal. Of course, we’re slightly biassed but we don’t know anyone who’s driven a Montreal that didn’t just love the experience. To put rarity in context there are less than 50 registered in the UK so we are more than proud to offer ours for hire.
  • LHD
  • 2+2 cabin seating
  • 5 speed ZF manual
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric front windows
  • Period radio
  • Fuel tank capacity 63 litres.

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